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Video of our house

We aren't even close to entirely moved in. But we got the boxes out of the way, so I took some video. I'll do some more when we get everything where it needs to be.

Our living room and master bedroom. We have a mantle going onto the fireplace soon, so disregard the unfinished part around the firebox.

Our kitchen and dining room. There's a bathroom through that door in the kitchen. 

Our stairwell...nothing too exciting. But I do love our clerestory and light fixture.

Upstairs bathroom. Those two hanging sinks and the tile around that tub gave me some gray hairs on the final days of the renovation. But they both look great! And Ainsley's bedroom.

Ainsley's room again...I stink at editing video. And Asher's room with his "tiger floors". I've never seen floors with such a crazy wood grain. Not my best thrift store purchase...but they were $.50/sqft.