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Construction begins!

We met with our contractor and architect this morning to sign off on the final details of our renovation project. We are super excited!

Permits have been obtained and the work will begin this afternoon. Holes are going to be dug under the house to place supports for the new 2nd floor. It's a small beginning, but it is a start! The roof will be removed the first week of January. So pray for no rain for at least 10 days for the start of the year.

We've had a few snafus to overcome as we've worked toward getting started on the work. A huge one was discovering that no homeowners insurance had been placed on our house. The insurance person in charge of finalizing the insurance had been fired in the midst of working on our policy and it was never completed. So, we've been without homeowners insurance of any sort for the last 3 months. Another issue has been the cost of the project. The final numbers are projected to be higher due to needing the whole house rewired to meet code...an unexpected cost. So we're working with the bank to raise our loan limit.

And I'll leave you with a few pictures of some awesome finds we've purchased for the house: a cast iron tub and 50s push button stove. Awesome!