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All settled in

The last of the boxes were emptied last week. I hope that will be the last box I have to unpack for some time. I don't think Peyton nor I have it in us to do another move. Have I told you this is the 7th house we've lived in during our 13 years of marriage? It's the 5th house we've bought. Our kiddos have lived in four different houses in their short little lives. This has to be it. I couldn't imagine another town we'd want to live in or another house better than ours. Yes, I do believe this will be our final move.

So, here are some videos with us all settled in to our house...

The front of the house. I can't believe we were able to get grass to grow in June...but we have a front yard, folks!

And one of my favorite things about the front of the house is our mailbox. It has a bird on it!

Our living room. Peyton put our mantel on the fireplace!

The master bedroom. We have an awesome piece of wood that we picked up from the Greensboro Architectural Salvage that we'll use for our headboard. But the piece still needs to be sanded. Maybe I'll post a picture or two once we get it hung. I also need to figure out the color for my dresser and wardrobe. I started to paint it turqouise...but changed my mind after painting the drawers.

The kitchen. I LOVE my stove. I still can't believe it works! And I'm totally digging my coffee mugs hanging over the sink. It's convenient and I like the way it looks. I'm a sucker for a good mug.

Downstairs bathroom. Nothing special here. It and the master bedroom are the only two rooms we didn't touch downstairs (except paint).

Dining room. This was the 2nd bedroom when we 1st bought the house. We tore down part of the wall and added a staircase to make it the dining room.

Stairs. Peyton's painting...that old man didn't want to go on the wall, but we finally got him hung. A frame would do him well (hint, hint Peyton).

Upstairs bathroom. We just found mirrors this past weekend. And I love them. Now we just have to hang the toilet paper holder and we're in business.

Ainsley and Asher's  room. I still need to hang pictures in their bedrooms. But I love their rooms...they've come together nicely.