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Roof and the house color

The roof was put on the house at the end of last week and looks great!

The upstairs dormers were also painted. At first we thought the color wasn't green enough. But after the roof went on, we really liked how the metal roof complimented the house color. I can't wait to see the color go on the rest of the house. It'll likely be next week since this week is so rainy.

So, this week the wood floors are going into the upstairs...hoping all looks good. Especially since one of the bedrooms will be a different type of wood than the rest. But since we're sanding and staining the floors at the end of the project they should all look alike.

And, lastly, our chimney/fireplace. We were hoping to have the fireboxes open and all of the debris cleaned out. We're not planning to build a fire in them...clearly since the chimney doesn't go above the flooring of the 2nd floor. But, the inspector isn't entirely excited about that happening and wants them to stay closed. Ugh. In the beginning of all of the renovations, I was most excited about getting the fireplaces in working order. Now, I just want them to be clean...but they may just exist "as is" for a while.


A little of this, a little of that

*We're getting close to the exterior to be painted and our metal roof to go on!*

- Over the past two weeks the plumbers and electricians have been working hard and should be finishing up this week.
- The windows and the siding are now in place and look awesome!
- I spent 1.5 hours at Lowes last week looking up at lighting. Got lights planned for the living room, upstairs bathroom and over the kitchen sink. Finding an attractive ceiling fan is difficult and we're hoping to have a fan in the kitchen. We also still need lighting for the dining room, bedrooms, and porches.
- Found another 250 sqft. of pine flooring at the Habitat for Humanity Restore for $125 this past weekend. It's dark stained. But since we're planning to sand and refinish the floors, it'll work. Shwew! That'll give us enough to finish the upstairs.
- Appliances have been bought and will be delivered once the house is finished. Sears was having a good sale, so we took advantage of it.

 House front with windows and siding

 House back with siding and windows

Bathroom Light
 Living Room Light

 Light for over the sink