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A new color

For the past few weeks lots has been happening to the house, but not picture worthy. The interior trim on the entire house was installed last week and looks awesome and doors were added a few weeks ago. Very exciting...but not well translated in pictures.

But I have many pictures of what has happened at the end of this week. INTERIOR PAINT. I love walking into the house and seeing a new color. And I'm very excited that we'll pick the stain color for our floors on Tuesday this week. We're getting close, folks.

And speaking of getting close, we're starting our loan process for our conventional loan. I'm happy that we will again be using a friend for our loan. It's been awesome to know (and love) the people that have helped us through this process...from our realtor, Michele Wright, our contractor, Will Johnson Building and now our mortgage broker, Steve Kurtz.

So, pictures...

 Front of our house.

 Upstairs bathroom.



 Fireplace (with an open firebox!)

Master bedroom


Getting there

We will likely be moving in to our mill house in 2 months. How unbelievable it is to me that we have bought and renovated a house in Hillsborough!

The house is coming along nicely. Peyton and I have both said that it's been a lot of fun so far! Denailing and scraping the floors for the upstairs became tedious after a while. And the yard is in need of some serious attention even after spending some Saturdays and Sundays with it and a chainsaw. But we've enjoyed watching the transformation of a neglected house becoming our home. We look forward to becoming part of the neighborhood (we've already met so many of the neighbors as they stop by to talk about our renovation) and watching the mill area develop in the coming years. We feel very fortunate!

So, here are some pictures of the house...

 Our backyard looking over to our neighbors. The bushes will eventually be moved to have a huge open yard for playing!

 The back of our house. The house has been primed but the trim isn't painted yet. The trim is getting painted white in the next week.

 Ainsley's room. My favorite thing about the upstairs is how bright and sunny it is. The double windows are awesome!

 The upstairs bathroom. It's large! Can't wait to see the tile around the tub get installed.

 Our stairwell. I LOVE the window and the light it provides.

 Our living room kitchen. The fireplace was opened this week and looks awesome! We should be getting an estimate for making it a wood burning (sorry Leigh!) fireplace later this week. Gas isn't totally out of the picture...we'll see.

And, the front. We've taken out a lot of the old landscaping since it was overgrown and beyond help. We're thinking about putting down grass and avoiding plants altogether up front.

In the next week, the exterior and interior painting will be completed. I'm excited to see the colors on the inside. We chose really light, almost white colors for the entire house to keep it bright and open feeling.


Wood Floors!

Just a quick post to show you our upstairs floors. They look awesome!

 Asher's room. These are the floors we found at Restore. They're yellow pine. We're planning to sand all of the upstairs (and downstairs) floors and restain them.

 Ainsley's bedroom. The heart pine floors that we found on craigslist(thanks, Nichole!). These are the floors Peyton worked super hard on denailing and scraping. There's a little "frame" around the part of the floor where the chimney will eventually be...you know when we build the chimney up past the 1st floor. 
(Which will happen. I'm determined.)