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Weeks away

We're weeks from moving in to our mill house. So much has been happening over the past few weeks...painting, floor staining, kitchen counter, tub tiling, landscaping. If all works out, we'll be done with the construction, signed the papers for our final mortgage and moved in to our new house in 3 weeks.

A few pictures of how the house is shaping up...(we LOVE it!)

 Our living room. Check out the floors!

 Our dining room. The toilet won't be staying.

 Our bedroom. The only room that has the original beadboard. We strongly considered exposing the beadboard in the rest of the downstairs, but opted for insulated walls instead.

 Ainsley's room. She chose purple for her wall color.

Asher's bedroom. His room is a great blue. And he describes his floors as having a tiger print. Admittedly, the floors have some serious wood grain patterns.

Our kitchen. The countertop is on and a space for the dishwasher has been added!

 The start of landscaping. We're hoping to get some grass in front of those shrubs soon.

 More landscaping. (And lots of trash on our porch...thank goodness for our awesome neighbors for putting up with us!)

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kristen g. said...

It looks great!